5 history questions 300 words

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please review the questions, I only want quality tutors.

read and watch these below

article- https://www.encyclopedia.com/economics/encyclopedi…

article- http://rustbeltlegacy.net/history.html


now answer these questions in 300 words.

1) What were the impacts of the Great Depression on American Indians, according to the article?

2) What were the impacts of the Indian Citizenship Act? What was the Meriam Report, and what were its impacts?

3) What did Roosevelt’s New Deal entail, and what were its effects on Native Americans? How did the New Deal build off of/connect to previous events from previous lessons?

4) Briefly explain what Termination and Relocation policies were, and then explain the events that led up to these decisions.

5) Lastly, compare/contrast the American government’s perspective versus American Indian tribes’ perspectives regarding Termination and Relocation, as discussed in Prof. Mayfield’s lecture. Lastly, please share your thoughts/reactions/connections.

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