Advocacy Components

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Write this paper according to my cp draft. Its requirement is in the document AP, the solution should be written according to the problem of food waste described by my cp paper.

Rubric: Composition 2


Evaluative Criteria


Very Good



Below Average

Rhetoric & Communication

Problem Statement and History

The composition clearly presents and analyzes a significant political/social/cultural problem and establishes the problem’s urgency, its scope, and its severity. Carefully selected relevant historical aspects of the problem are woven into the analysis.

Analysis of Solutions

The composition presents and analyzes solution(s) to the central problem. Rigorous and well documented arguments that address a possible solution or solutions are presented clearly.

Argument Development and Counterargument (Written):

Rigorous arguments of a possible solution or solutions are developed through the use of expert support, scholarly research, persuasive evidence, and well-chosen rhetorical appeals. The composition anticipates and responds effectively and appropriately to oppositional claims. For the level of this course and for this particular assignment, the arguments are sophisticated, creative, persuasive, insightful, and deeply embedded in scholarly discourse. The author is also aware of counter-arguments that go against the author’s arguments and claims, and is aware of oppositional claims and positions that productively conflict with each other.



Uses various types of evidence and/or genres to create multi-modal elements that strengthen and deepen explanations, summaries, and arguments. Visual evidence is dense and diverse in information, yet communicates information clearly and effectively.

Arrangement of Evidence:

The presentation of evidence is arranged coherently and demonstrates a well documented analytical synthesis.

Evidence & Information Literacy

Research (both traditional and new media)

The sources demonstrate a sense for locating, selecting, and organizing sources. The body of sources supporting the composition is well developed and varied in source type.

Credibility & Timeliness

The selected sources are both credible and timely and offer clear support to all of the composition’s argumentative moves.

Source Use and Integration

The composition uses sources appropriately in distinct and different capacities: primary/secondary, exhibit/argument/background. The author integrates the sources seamlessly into the composition.


All uses of evidence are documented and formatted appropriately, and the author recognizes instances when citations are needed.

Annotations & Evaluations

The annotations and source evaluations are well developed and help to demonstrate the author’s control over all of the sources used.

Style, Mechanics, & Conventions

Clarity, Sentence Structure, & Readability

The writing is clear, eloquent, characterized by precise word choices, purposeful sentences with varied structure, and a high degree of readability for the level of its course and this particular assignment.

Narrative Development

The narrative is deliberately paced, and demonstrates a very high degree of skill and control when moving from idea to idea, paragraph to paragraph, and sentence to sentence.

Grammar, Usage, Punctuation, & Spelling

The prose is mechanically correct and free of errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and usage.



Throughout the composition, the writer consistently adopts the ethos of a strong, convincing, and credible advocate.

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