Analytical essay : Epics of food. 2 readings.

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Below please find the Analytical Essay:

Reading: Pinker: “The Moral Instinct”

  Pollan: “Out of the Kitchen: Onto the Couch”

   Lustigexcerpts from Fat Chance

Given both Pinker’sandmy Ethical Theories regarding the ways in which we attempt to make optimal choices which lead to ethical outcomes, analyse whether processed food and fast food, as described by Pollan and Lustig, are ethical. Remember that different Ethical Theories might yield different outcomes. Also back up your analysis with plenty of textual evidence. You may also use information from the Lustig interview we listened to, which can be found at and from the documentary, Fed Up.

Your paper should be 12 point font, in Ariel or Times New Roman, with one inch margins.

Your Rough Draft should be 4 pages in length, and your Final Draft should be 5 pages in length (and not more than 6 pages)

Your Rough Draft is due on Wednesday, 2/8

Your Final Draft is due on Wednesday, 2/15

Because I late due the rough draft, I may also need you to give me another file of rough draft by the time you write it. So I want 2 files in total, one is 4 pages long and the final draft is 5 pages long. Thx.

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