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This assignment is a three part paper on a current scholarly/journal article of your choice, which you have read, that is related to your Gender Violence Prevention topic paper. Reading and reporting on an abstract of the article does not count.

Each of the three parts should be no more than one page single-spaced (total of 3 pages). The parts are as follows:

1.Abstract ( 1 page)

Summarize the major points made in the article/presentation in your own words in one page. Assume that the reader has never seen the article.

2.Critique ( 1 page)

Criticize and/or praise specific points made in the article/presentation. Answer questions such as: what was good, what was bad, why? It is helpful to base an argument, criticizing or praising, on ideas discussed in class and especially focus on gender and health implications.

3.Implications ( 1 page)

Answer the question, “What does the article mean to me?” The “me” in this case should refer to you in your future career practice. Certainly the meaning, or the worth of the article is related to your critique. A major implication may be that a particular article has either changed or reinforced your thinking on the subject at hand.

Article link:

Due date: Tuesday 24th

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