Case Review of Riverview Community Hospital Questions in the Description

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1. Interpret the hospital’s statements of cash flows. 2. Present an overview of the hospital’s financial position using the Du Pont equation as a guide. 3. Use ratio analysis to identify the hospital’s specific financial strengths and weaknesses. But she warned, the board is not going to appreciate a lengthy dialogue with too many individual ratios. Focus on key findings and one or two ratios per category – don’t put them to sleep! also, use graphs or other techniques to summarize the data. 4. Use operating indicator analysis to identify the operational factors that explain the hospital’s current financial condition. 5. Summarize your evaluation of the hospital’s financial condition. However, don’t just rehash the numbers; rather, present your views on the potential underlying economic and managerial factors that might have caused any problems that surfaced in the financial and operating analysis. 6. Make any recommendations that you believe the hospital should follow to ensure future financial soundness.

I will provide a copy of the case study – all of the above questions can be found in the middle of the actual case study. You can use other outside sources as long as they are reputable. (Make sure to cite)

  • Create and organize paragraphs that flow in a logical fashion throughout the paper, providing the reader with appropriate guides to the structure of the paper.
  • Use transitions within paragraphs to demonstrate the logical flow of ideas.
  • Write a strong introduction that catches the reader’s attention, introduces main points, and presents a clear thesis.
  • Finish with a conclusion that summarizes main ideas effectively.
  • Make fact based recommendations and conclusions- do not rely on personal opinions to make your point.

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