complete four literary discussions geffrey chaucer canterbury tales prologue

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Provide clear examples from reading

Must be one to two paragraphs long

CIte your sources


For examples you use in the reading use the traditional way its written, the one in bold please.

Chaucer Prologue Discussion: Character Analysis

Do Not do a character analysis on the squyer, monk or clerk

Write a brief analysis (a paragraph or two) that sums up your insights into the character you have selected, and post it (don’t upload it) into the discussion thread titled “Characters.”

Questions to consider:

What is the character’s occupation?

What do you know or what can you find out about that occupation during Chaucer’s time?

What is the character’s social group or standing (Clergy, Peasant, Nobility)?

What characterizes the pilgrim’s appearance? Look at descriptions of clothing and physical characteristics such as body marks, size, coloring, demeanor…

How does the character behave?

Any notable speech or behavioral mannerisms?

Special talents or abilities?

What kind of attitude does the pilgrim have?

Does s/he make any judgments?

How does the pilgrim interact (or fail to interact) with the other pilgrims?

What kind of inferences can you draw about your pilgrim? What is implied about this person? What is Chaucer’s attitude toward your pilgrim? Is this a person worthy of our respect? How do you know?

Chaucer Prologue Discussion: Chaucer the Pilgrim

Chaucer, in the guise of a pilgrim/narrator within the poem, gives us very detailed and insightful portraits of each of the pilgrims, sometimes even secreting damning information in a lighthearted observation or a quick aside. But what does that narrator tell us of himself? What can you discern about Chaucer the pilgrim? Support your answers with evidence from the text. What line or lines make you see him the way you do, and why do they make you see him that way? To get you started, look at 19-42 and 727-48. What kind of personality do you see there? What does this narrator think of his task? What does this tell us about him?

Chaucer Prologue Discussion: Prioress

Do you think the Prioress would have objected to her description? Why or why not?

Chaucer Prologue Discussion: Juxtapositions

In the prologue, Chaucer seems to present two versions of many things – almost like an idea and its opposite. I’m thinking specifically of the oppositions of youth and age (the knight and the squire), the devout and the worldly (the parson and the monk) and the old and the new order (the knight and the merchant.) Take a careful look at characters that you think represent opposite ends of some spectrum and tell us what, if anything you discern in Chaucer’s portraits of the two you have selected. Can we “read” his attitude through his description?

Here i’ve provided a link of the reading:

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