correctional policy midterm 5 questions

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5-7 questions, timer is running… pressure

1. What is the Ultimate Purpose of Corrections? Punishment? Rehabilitation? Who should be sent to prison and Why? Why are our prisons so overcrowded?

2. What are the purposes of Jails? What is the largest single site jail in the United States? What are the differences between linear and direct supervision jails? Use corrections Magazine

3. Differentiate between the two models of sentencing: Indeterminate and Determinate: Explain in detail. Give concrete examples.

4.What is the significance of the landmark case ” Gagnon v. Scarpelli” (1973)? Is probation successful? Why or Why not? Is it a viable alternative to jail crowding? Be specfic in your response. Use Corrections Magazine

5.Explain in detail why parole is a failure? Why is it so difficult for inmates to re-enter society? Use Corrections magazine

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