Create a Data Decision-Making Project for a Home Health Care Service

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III. Data Decision-making Project:

Due week 9 will make up 50% of your grade. Each student will write a business case where they identify a problem, systematically consider solutions, including the implications of 1. making a significant change 2. ethical implications of the decision. 3. alternatives and how they compare/contrast with your decision. 4. What contingencies you might use if this decision were to fail.

You must use research evidence and data to inform your decision-making processes. You must conduct at least one statistical analysis to demonstrate your ability to identify and incorporate appropriate data into your decision-making. Your case must be 6,000 words in length. The business case should be double-spaced, using 12-point font with 1” margins. You must critically evaluate, using appropriate evidence, why this proposed solution is most beneficial (consider benefits AND risks associated with this decision), and how you systematically arrived at your decision; including critical evaluation of viable options to determine which is the best possible solution based on the evidence currently available. This includes some contingency for if the decision you arrive at might fail (hint: there are no absolutes; you must always be prepared for a plan of action to fail, no matter how well researched). Note that you will be responsible for finding data to assist you in the decision-making process. The project is entirely your choice but you must get final authorization from me to do it so that I can ensure that it is a suitable project for this course. Essentially, you’re going to demonstrate your decision-making skills throughout your project, and present a professional, researched case for your decision-making process including appropriate analytics and data visualizations.

Grade Breakdown


Introduction to topic


Rationale & Focus of Decision-Making

Critical Evaluation, Including Benefits and Risks Associated with Decision-making

Descriptive and Inferential Analysis




Grammar, Spelling, & Writing Style


APA Referencing and Citations




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