create powerpoint presentation make essay into powerpoint for presentation

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I’ve written the essay/report, and now it must be developed into a presentation/powerpoint with additional facts/sources/videos/charts. Please make the powerpoint very cohesive, use of 1 video, other supporting information, facts, or statistics, and charts. SOCIAL WORK RELATED INFORMATION CAN BE APPLIED

I will add the assignment description as well as the rubric to give a better understanding of assignment.

Assignment 1: Individual Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to (1) utilize conceptual frameworks to guide the processes of assessment, intervention, and evaluation; and, (2) critique and apply knowledge to understand person and environment. You are assigned a specific developmental period of the life cycle such as infancy, middle childhood, adolescence, etc. The responsibility of the student is to identify an issue relevant to the particular period of the life cycle that you have been assigned. Your assigned life cycles are adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood. Once the student decides on a topic, each student is to develop a presentation of no more than 45 minutes highlighting the issue with a video clip, such as, power points and other visual aids that helps students understand the nature of the issue being discussed.

For example, a student assigned to present on the adolescence period of the life cycle may choose to focus on teens who are depressed, bullied, learning disabled, substance abusers, etc. The student will research the issue and various aspects of the presentation. The student can talk about the developmental issues for this period of the life cycle and focus on a current issue that illustrates the macro, mezzo and micro influences on the assigned life cycle cohort. Each student should also identify assessment and intervention strategies pertinent to this stage of life development. Each student member will be responsible for handing in a 2-3-page report on the aspect of the life cycle they were responsible for presenting. Please include references from professional literature, as well.

Evaluation Criteria:

1. Critical thinking: this assignment will demonstrate the ability to critique and evaluate ideas.

2. Conceptual ability: this assignment will demonstrate the student’s ability to analyze models of assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation.

3. Communication and presentation: this assignment will assist the student in developing the skills to transmit ideas in a written form. It will demonstrate the student’s ability to present material in an organized and grammatically correct structure.

4. Application: this assignment demonstrates the student’s ability to apply knowledge of human behavior in the social environment to practice.

5. Creativity: this assignment illustrates innovative approaches to the subject matter being discussed.

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