cultural interview assignment 1

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In this module, you will complete a phone interview based on the concepts of Foreign to Familiar. The directions will be given below. After you you complete the assignment, you should submit at least a 1-page typed respons

1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, standard margins, and the header should only have your name and the phrase “Cultural Interview.”


For this assignment, you must interview someone you know over the phone and ask them about their culture. Specifically, you will ask them about which aspects of Foreign to Familiar they fall under. Are they Individualistic or Group Oriented? Are they Direct or Indirect? Etc. But here’s the kicker — you are not allowed to use the words of the book, because that will illicit a one word response. You MUST create indirect questions without using the key terms of the book to get them to explain their cultural style.

For example, instead of asking them if they are “direct or indirect”, you should come up with an open-ended question that makes them explain their way of doing things. For instance, “When someone asks you if you like their hat, and you don’t, would you still say you did to create a friendly environment, or would you be direct and say no?” Or, “In your culture, do you try to ask warm questions like “How are you doing?” before talking to someone to create a friendly environment, or do you prefer to get straight to the point? Give me an example?

You must ask your interviewee questions about every aspect of the book (which will be listed below), and you also must include the interview questions you ask in the response paper. If you ask, “Are you direct or indirect?”, you will not receive credit for that portion of the assignment.

As a reminder, below are the aspects of Foreign to Familiar and if you’d like a refresher you can access my prezi by clicking this hyperlink:

Hot Climate (Relationship) vs. Cold Climate (Task Oriented)

Indirect vs. Direct

Group vs. Individualistic

Inclusion vs Privacy

Concepts of Hospitality

Low vs. High Context

Orientation Around the Clock — Event vs. Clock

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