documentary library discussion board

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Homework 7-9 Documentary Library Discussion Board

1010 unread replies.1818 replies.

Due Dates:

HW 7: Feb 27

HW 8: March 10

HW 9: March 12

For each of these homeworks, please do the following.

Find a reputable documentary that you are interested in and watch it (so, you will ultimately watch three docs and post 3 times).

Documentary Review Worksheet

At the top of each discussion board post (or reply*), write down the title, year, and other pertinent information about the documentary. If applicable, you can also list where you accessed it from (i.e., Films of Demand, Netflix, public library, etc.)

Below the documentary information, please write a short (think long, developed paragraph) review of the documentary. What was it about? Was it good/bad/interesting/boring/etc. and why? Would you suggest it to others in class (why or why not)?

Finally, using a 5 star system (5 being best and 1 being worst), rate the documentary.

*If you are the first person to review a documentary, create a new post. If you are reviewing a documentary that someone else already watched, then post your review as a reply to the existing post. (This means you should look through the previous posts before posting your own review

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