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Taking Sides–Maddox and Bernstein.pdf

Rethinking the Bomb–Think on KERA.mp3

Begin by reading the excerpt from Taking Sides: Clashing Views in American History (pdf above), which offers opposing views on the propriety of dropping atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. Read both arguments (Maddox and Bernstein) and then listen to the podcast titled “Rethinking the Bomb,” from KERA’s Think. Once you have studied all three items, you should write an essay (of at least 300 words) that lays out your position on the issue.

then there is the initial posting:

Initial Posting:

When writing, you should answer (at minimum) the following:

  • Why do you think there is even an argument about this issue today, more than 70 years after the fact?
    • What does this lack of consensus tell you about history and our approach to teaching it?
  • Which side do you agree with (Maddox or Bernstein/Appy)? Why?
    • What is the best evidence for your side?
    • What is the strongest argument for your side?

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