gender journal

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Question 1. Tell me about sexism

Have you ever stayed quiet or laughed when a sexist joke was made? Describe the situation, how it made you feel and what the result was.

Have you (or anyone you know) ever spoke out against a sexist statement? Describe the situation, how it made you feel and the outcome

Why do you think silence is such a problem in the male culture? What silences males from speaking out and supporting feminism? What stereotypes do you have about feminists?

What media/sports/TV/ movies do you watch, read or listen to that does not support women? How do these types of portrayals hurt gender equality?

Have you noticed a difference in the way that men and women communicate online? Why? Use examples in your answer.

After watching the buzzfeed video, what are your initial reactions? How does this video relate to movements like #metoo? Why do you think our culture accepted these as “romantic” acts? (If this video is triggering for you then just say you were triggered by the content so you skipped this question set).

Question 2. Tell me about Transphobia

The highest rate of teen suicide is within the LGBT community and exponentially higher for trans teenagers. What has Coy’s family done, from your perspective, that has helped Coy find happiness and confidence? What would you do if your child (future child) came out as transgender? What would you tell a child or teenager who confided in you with their feelings of being transgender?

How do you think Coy is helping gender equality movements? Do you think it is necessary to have children/teens like Coy perpetuating this movement? Why/why not?

Describe your experience with Transphobia. Have you ever come across it? What are your experiences with the Trans community?

Question 3 Tell me about microagressions

Describe microagressions in your own words. Give an example from your personal life or make up a scenario.

Why are microagressions important in communication? How do they hinder our progress as a society? How can we limit their power?

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