global strategic management 2

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Please answer the following multiple choice, true/false and short essay questions.

NOTE: Ensure that you begin your quiz/exam with ample time to complete it before the availability/due date occurs. For example, if you have 90 minutes to complete a Test that ends at 10:00pm and you begin it at 9:30pm then you will only have 30 minutes to finish before the Test closes.

1) Globalization is the process by which companies seek various forms of value across borders


4) A key global income group sometimes viewed as being bypassed by Globalization is:

a) The Global Median Income Category

b) The Working Lower and Middle Income Category

c) The top 1% of global income earners

7) The Level of Bureaucratic Constraints generally present in Emerging Countries leads to:

a) Investments in and preferential treatment for national companies

b) Bureaucratic constraints on foreign business concerning the acquisition of property,

c) Complex regulations for the transfer of dividends, local borrowing, labor and currency

d) All of the above

9) An expatriate working for a large U.S. company can increase his or her effectiveness by utilizing empathy, politeness and a sincere interest in the host country’s society and culture.


10) In regard to the globalization of business, Sustainable Development means;

a) Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

b) Causing no “unnecessary harm”.

c) Limiting Carbon Dioxide emissions

d) All of the above

12) There is no correlation between high levels of corruption and low country GDP.


17) The traditional Product Life Cycle includes the stages of: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. Two reasons for the apparent shortening of the Product Life Cycle we see today include Globalization and advances in Technology.


19) The Life Insurance market is divided between the U.S./Canada (26%), Europe (36%) and Asia (37%). A major life insurance provider would look at this information and correctly conclude:

a) Latin America represents a strong potential for life insurance business

b) The life insurance market in Latin America is different from the traditional markets of the U.S., Europe and Asia

20) If the life insurance company you manage has 50% of its business in the U.S./Canada, 15% in Europe and 35% in Asia:

a) There may be opportunities for expansion in Europe

b) The company may be overexposed to the U.S. market

c) The company is purposefully following a U.S./Canada focused strategy

d) All of the above

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