how did this change gender roles in the family what outcomes did women s new roles result in with the rise of masculinity especially in working class homes how did this affect the middle class

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How did this change gender roles in the family? What outcomes did women’s new roles result in with the rise of masculinity, especially in working-class homes? How did this affect the middle class?

need you to answer these questions, here is the whole thing; I did the first two questions so you can go off by what I did.

here’s what I did-

The rise in “masculinity” was prompted by the decrease in mobility amongst men in the realm of economics and power-struggles. Resulting from World War II, women were welcomed into positions within the workplace, while men fought away from home. This generation of men returned to begin families, raising their sons with the ideals of enemies and “winning”. All aspects of “masculinity” that are presented today in mass media and societal issues regarding violence and crisis are a direct result of the gap between generations and a difference of being raised post-war. The common factor when looking at mass shootings, domestic abuse, substance abuse, mental health, etc. are the presence of boys and men as the center of these issues. Some economic conditions are even highlighted as warranting the need for a redefinition of being a “man”. For example, the concept of “deadbeat dads” has pushed many women in single parent positions out of the traditional “homemaker” gender role and into the workforce. To be a “man” in regards to father figures can hold negative connotations in scenarios with absent fathers, but the idea may/should shift into being part of the homelife support system- working dually alongside their partners in order to strengthen the economics of the household and the emotional wellbeing as well.

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