how do i draft a critique

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This unit focuses upon the following CLO:

  • Prepare an APA-formatted essay that critiques a Body of Knowledge (BOK) using enhanced reading comprehension skills to underline and annotate sources, and question the author.
  • Utilize previously developed skills to create an APA-formatted and plagiarism-free critique of a Body of Knowledge (BOK).
  • Learn about the nature, roles, and utility of a Body of Knowledge (BOK) within a profession.

Using these Unit Learning Outcomes:

Lecture: How Do I Draft a Critique?

The Milestone Project for this unit requires you to critique a Body of Knowledge (BOK). However, how do you plan and structure a critique? If you are wondering how to go about a critique, then the following video lecture is for you!

How to Write a Critique Essay (An Evaluation Essay) YouTube video

This unit’s milestone project involves the creation of a six-page critique. After reviewing unit 5’s lecture videos, choose a Body of Knowledge (see below) you find interesting and skim it. After getting to know the contents of the BOK, use all the skills learned in this course as to produce a six-page critique of the BOK.

Be sure to use the following segments (as discussed in the lecture video):

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Evaluation
  • Response
  • Conclusion

Remember to use the essay template and APA formatting for the essay. The essay should also incorporate:

  • Properly formatted citations and references.
  • APA formatted body text and level headings as shown in the essay template
  • One-inch margins, all around, as shown in the essay template
  • A proper title page, as shown in the essay template.

Please note: The required page count does not include the title page and references. The body of the essay must be at least six pages in length.

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