hsa 4192 healthcare quality management 5

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Each assignment has its own set of rules, but the general/basic rules still apply:

  • References should be in APA format. A cover page is not required, but here is a link to sample APA paper.
  • Originality is key. We regularly cross-check submissions against each other, past semesters, and other courses. Trying to cut corners or copy is just not worth it.
  • All work should be submitted in MS Word format.
  • Double check/proofread for grammatical issues.
  • The submission must be at least 400 words long (but no longer than 700).
  • At minimum there should be two (but there can be more) references: the course textbook and one additional source.

Historic Lesson/Case Analyses Assignment #2

All students review the major healthcare issues article found here:


Choose any case numbered 4-6 on the list (Southwest of Healthcare, Private Equity, or ACA in 2019).

The submission should include these components:

  • Introduction/Synopsis of the case
    • Yes, students must include information beyond what is provided in the above link and note “Wikipedia” is not a reliable source (but is a good starting point to gather general information). The grader will be looking for additional references beyond the course textbook and the provided link.
  • Overlay the topic with a concept from the course textbook
    • The second portion of the paper should discuss how the selected issue specifically relates to a concept in the textbook. In this section, the details provided must make sense. A good way students can expedite this response is by selecting a concept from the textbook that will help fix the issue mentioned.

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