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1. Reading: When the Emperor Was Divine, pgs. 106-end

2. Respond to one of the questions below in at least 150 words. It’s helpful if you can point out & cite a passage in support of your point.

1. We go through 2 shifts in point of view. Choose 1 or both to discuss, stating how it impacted you and why you think Otsuka did this. Whom are we to understand is speaking?

2. Discuss the difference between what the family imagined their return home would be and the reality.

3.How are we given to understand the Japanese Americans feel about themselves after their return? Do you think the instructions they received for returning to “the Outside World’ had something to do with this? Or was it more than that?

4. Compare the father they remembered to the one who returned from imprisonment. Have they lost their father as a result of his experience?

5. How has the mother changed? What has been lost?

6. What is the meaning of all the confessions in the last chapter?

3. Respond to one of your classmate’s posts with at least 100 words, preferably to someone who has not yet had a response. Do not waste your space critiquing writing or applauding,i.e. “I like what you said,” “great point” etc. Your goal is to extend the ideas they have expressed in some meaningful way—apply them to a different group or situation, add a new argument or examples to their point or examples, or to present a different viewpoint and reasoning

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