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You work as a manager for G&G Technologies. The owners, Gina Rinehart and Greg Sanders, would like you to provide a team performance analysis memo to inform management strategies on future projects as well as to improve team performance and better align group, individual, and organizational goals.

G&G Technologies recently completed a major initiative that involved the collaboration of cross-functional teams. Upper management has asked you to compile a follow-up report that analyzes team performance to determine the impacts of individual, group, and organizational goals. Your report should examine the team’s purpose and alignment with specific goals and should discuss management strategies for better situating teams to align with goals on future projects.

Vision Statement and Organizational Goals

Vision Statement

G&G Technologies provides innovative and timely solutions to help businesses thrive through better business process improvements (BPI).

Organizational Goals

  • Develop technologies that streamline processes for customers to ensure maximum organizational efficiencies
  • Streamline team structure to promote agility and efficiency across multiple projects

Team Performance Information

This data highlights Team A’s performance on a task to enhance one of the company’s existing products. The data provided is an average of how team members and managers rated the team and its product.

The data was collected in a Likert-scale survey following completion of the project. Results were anonymous, and each category included a comment box for participants to add context or information.

Team Purpose (outlined by the team at the start of the project): To develop high-quality enhancements to software that improve customer interaction and experience

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Category/Survey Question Average Rating
Most team members were regularly present, and lack of attendance did not impede progress. 6
Team members typically reported to work and to meetings at the scheduled time and informed the team if there was a conflict. 7
Team members were able to complete their work on time. 5
Team members were helpful and able to support one another as needed. 6
The team’s deadlines were met throughout the project. 6
Team members effectively managed time to complete work within the allotted time. 6
The team developed a high-quality product that aligns with organizational goals. 7
The product met or exceeded expectations and specifications. 7

Examples of Survey Comments

Participants were able to comment on each category in the survey, and then comment again at the end to discuss their overall experience. Here some examples of comments with significant representation (those with similar comments appearing multiple times):

“I felt as though a couple of people on the team dictated the direction of the team, and the voices of individuals on the team were not heard.”

“It did not seem like our efforts were acknowledged or appreciated by management.”

“I felt that I contributed a disproportionate amount of effort to the project while others barely helped.”

Examples of Individual Goals From Performance Evaluations

Individual goals provide insight to management that informs strategies to place employees on the right projects and teams. Here are examples of specific individual goals from the team above:

  • J. T., software developer: To develop leadership skills in preparation for a future management position
  • L. M., user experience specialist: To develop professional, creative products that showcase originality
  • C. M., cybersecurity specialist: To ensure that products have safeguards in place to ensure that customer’s information and data is secure

Customer Product Review

The following customer product review was received after Team A delivered its first BPI software release. Use this information to evaluate the team’s performance in relation to meeting organizational goals.

“The product provides a streamlined process for addressing multiple business processes. This system provides high-level insight into multiple processes, but it lacks the ability to store as much customer information as we had hoped; therefore, it does not provide as much support in maximizing efficiencies in day-to-day operations and may not be sustainable for future growth.”


In your team performance analysis memo, Gina and Greg would like you to produce an assessment of the team’s performance, and discuss how team performance is impacted by individual, group, and organizational goals for informing management strategies.

Team Performance Assessment: This section of the team performance analysis memo should highlight the role of individual, group, and organizational goals as they relate to team performance.

  • Describe the team’s purpose, highlighting its alignment with organizational goals. Include the following in your response:
    • How did the team’s purpose drive success?
    • How did the purpose inform the group’s strategy?
    • How does a common purpose affect goal attainment within teams, highlighting strategies for aligning team performance goals with organizational goals?
  • Assess the effectiveness of the team assessment tool for determining strengths and weaknesses of team performance for groups and individuals, Include the following in your response:
    • What specific information supports management in determining the team’s alignment with organizational goals?
    • What improvements do you feel could be made to the assessment tool used to provide more reliable data?
  • Analyze results of team performance metrics for determining how well the team performed and aligned with organizational goals. Include the following in your response:
    • How did the product developed by the team compare with the organization’s goals for improving processes for the customers? Use the customer product review to inform this comparison.

Management Approaches: Based on the team effectiveness assessment, provide some suggestions to support stronger alignment between goals and team performance.

  • Discuss individual, group, and team goals for how they are impacted by organizational goals. Consider the examples of individual goals provided for their connection to organizational goals.
  • Discuss strategies for empowering team members to feel competent and make decisions in a team setting. Include the following in your response:
    • How can managers support employees in raising productive solutions that support team performance?
    • Are there common management approaches that should be avoided or that disempower team members?
  • Explain management approaches for individual or departmental performance and alignment with project team performance for supporting a successful team.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Team Performance Analysis Memo
Your team performance analysis memo should be 3 to 5 pages in length and should include sections to address the team performance assessment and management approaches.

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