no specific question please respond to the 4 discussion posts as directed 75 words each 1

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Refer to the Discussion Board rubric in Course Resources for detailed requirements. Discussion responses should be on responses to your classmates or instructor should be at least 75 words. Responses to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the Discussion. Be sure to cite any sources you use in APA formatting.

HA255: Human Resources for Healthcare Organzations


I think it is essential to always start discussions by defining parameters. Having a premise that anyone can, at the very least understand, is probably the best starting point. Especially when talking about hot topics like culture and diversity. Organizational culture does not have a traditional definition. It is ever-changing and open to many different interpretations. Based on my research, I think the best explanation is a combination of everyone’s sentiments. Organizational culture is a living, breathing, ever-moving entity that requires agility, constant education and development, and an understanding that the goal will never be achieved, but that it is something that is consistently worked towards (Watkins, 2013). Now that we know what organizational culture is, we can talk about the theories behind it. Two elements of a positive culture within an organization are achievement and humanistic-encouraging (Cooke, 2015). Both of the elements are present in my organization. Achievement is pushed in my company through goal setting and plans on how to achieve established goals. The company I work for is big on humanistic-encouraging. We are encouraged to have open and honest communication, which fosters trust. It also allows the free flow of ideas and helps with collaboration.

There are many issues within the healthcare world concerning access, cost, and quality. There are also certain population groups in which these issues affect more than others. One group includes both the very young and the very old (Joszt, 2018). Children and elderly patients are affected for some of the same reasons, like having low immunity (Joszt, 2018). Another group effect by healthcare issues is chronically ill because their sickness could prevent them from getting to the doctor and the care they need.

Chad Welsh


One theory on organizational culture is based on performance of the individual. It is driven by what a person contributes and their performance dictates their pay and incentives. This culture can create a sort of chaos at work where everyone is competing against each other and can become hostile because everyone is compared to the other person. This as an employee does not appeal to most people, in my opinion. one page 224 of our book it states that this culture has more positive performance than a maintenance centered culture (Flynn, p 224).

The other organizational culture that was appealing to me in my research was a value based culture. This is based on a set of believes and values the company follows. It is a structure on how an employee should always react and respond based on the values of the company. This is taught in on boarding and reflected in employee recognition as well (SHRM.ORG). Human resources is an important part of this culture because it fosters this thinking for the employees.

The two minority groups I wrote about in my paper were low income Medicaid senior citizen recipients and senior citizens in rural areas. There are few Medicaid certified beds in long term care facilities creating waiting lists of seniors who are struggling in their homes waiting for a bed to become available. Often times their health is deteriorating at this time because of lack of care while they wait. Also seniors living in rural areas struggle with simply getting to healthcare professionals because of transportation issues and having access to healthy fresh food to stay in good health. The winter months are even more challenging when getting out can be restricted by the weather and mobility issues. It is often assumed because they have Medicaid coverage that there is transportation available but transport to rural areas is harder to come by and often also has a waiting period for availability.

Jennifer Pursell

HI135: Legal Aspects of Health Information


According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), 48 states that have mandatory reporting laws (Mandatory Reporting Laws, 2019). Here are some examples of some mandated reports in some states;

  • California: teachers, teacher’s aides, employees of day camps and youth centers, social workers, physicians, and clergy members.
  • New York: physicians, dentists, licensed therapists, school officials, peace officers, and district attorneys.
  • Texas: any professionals who are licensed by the state or are employees of facilities licensed by the state and have direct contact with children, like teachers, nurses, doctors and juvenile probation officers.

After researching I found that 18 states, require all citizens to report suspected abuse, If a professional’s failure to report and abuse or injury to a child he or she may face criminal charges, may have their license suspended or revoked (Treatment, C, 1970).

HIM professionals should handle the health records of these patients while abiding by HIPAA. Security and privacy should be protected at all times, although mandated reporters are suppose to report abuse or any suspicious activity they are to report these finds to the right people that being authorities or The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

-Elizabeth F.


The act or the failure to act in a way that results in purposeful physical injury or sexual abuse in children is defined by most states. There are statutes that are in place that protect children from abuse and neglect that is done by their parents or someone else. The statutes that are in place are in all fifty states. Criminal statutes forbid failure to act and criminal statutes forbid abuse and neglect. When these statutes are violated, the violator can face jail time, training, classes, treatment, termination of parental rights, or removal of the child/children from the home. Laws are different from state to state but in most states, what can be reported is if a child is physically injured on purpose by a parent or an older adult. If a child is sick or injured and needs medical treatment bu the parent refuses/fails to get it. If the child is exploited sexually. If the child is enrolled or goes to school and if he or she is being homeschooled it must be done appropriately. Each state defines how to reports of abuse are done and they can be done verbally (face to face), by telephone, and in writing (, 2000). As HIMs, an important role is to make sure that the privacy, confidentiality, and security of health records are maintained. Making sure the right person has access to the health records, limit the disclosure of information, and how the information is stored (, 2019). (2019). Mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect. Retrieved from

Josephine Johnson

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