nsg 451 managing quality 1

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Assignment Content

Managing quality often means addressing small issues so that they do not escalate into risks for the organization. This week’s learning activities addressed some of the organizational challenges nursing leaders are likely to face.

Select one of the topics from this week’s learning activities:

    • Mitigating bullying and lateral violence
    • Managing conflict
    • Using power to influence
    • Improving communication
    • Valuing diversity

Develop a plan to carry out your selected topic as a nurse leader on your floor. Consider:

    • Available resources: time, budget, space, industry collateral, personnel
    • Employee engagement
    • Change management principles
    • Team dynamics

Create a presentation to show your CNO how you plan to address the topic.

Format your assignment as a 7- to 10-slide presentation. There should be a Title Page or Title Slide and a Reference Page or Reference Slide with assignments.Remember that the title page/slide and reference page/slide do not count toward the required number of slides. Must include at least 3 references from peer-reviewed academic journals.


Week 3: Managing Quality and Risk

Content: 140 points possible

Points possible

Points earned

Addresses all kinds of available resources in the plan


Addresses employee engagement in the plan


Addresses change management principles in the plan


Addresses team dynamics in the plan


Format: 40 points possible

Points possible

Points earned

Assignment is free of grammar, syntax, and style errors


Assignment follows a structure that clear and concise


Assignment uses a tone that is appropriate for nurse leader audience





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