only people familiar with waltz mearshimer legro and keohane

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Answer each question thoroughly. You MUST cite the readings throughout every answer.

Part 1:

Identify each term. You are explaining the nature and significance of abstract concepts, not providing “dictionary” definitions. Provide one paragraph for each definition.


Community (Lebow)

Theory (use Waltz)


Part Two: Succinctly but thoroughly answer each question. While you are not required to write a long essay for each question, your answers should leave no doubt that you absolutely understand the full scope of the relevant readings, as they pertain to question being asked.

1. Drawing particularly on Gilpin and Lebow, assess the various ways that morality is addressed in realist thought. Be specific, and demonstrate understanding of the range of moral logics that these authors present.

2. Using the concepts of competition and socialization to anchor your analysis, explain what Waltz means when he writes that a structure “may designate a compensating device that works to produce a uniformity of outcomes despite the variety of inputs.”

3. Compare how Waltz and Lakatos describe theory testing, DEFINING and explaining each of Lakatos’s core terms in your own words.

4. Compare how Waltz and Mearsheimer explain why only the structure of the system matters for explaining state behavior, allowing us to ignore the internal characteristics of states.

5. Three short questions, each worth 5 points: a) When Mearsheimer writes of defensive realists that they believe that the system will “punish” aggressors, what does that mean in real-world, specific terms? b) How does a hypothesis relate to a theory, and what role do hypotheses serve? c) Do realists think people can use their rationality to construct conditions that would make peace much more widespread than it is now? Explain.

You must use the following textbooks. Cite them thoroughly throughout the answers.

Robert O. Keohane, ed., Neorealism and Its Critics (Keohane)

Jeffrey Legro, Rethinking the World (Legro)

) Dunne, et. al., International Relations Theories, 4th edition (Reader)

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