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My website: Brundtland Commission Report, Our Common Future, Chapter 1: “A
Threatened Future, section I: Symptoms and Causes” and Chapter 2: “Toward
Sustainable Development, section I, Concept of Sustainable Development,” 1987

38. g(4) In a 3/4-page essay, describe the symptoms and causes of the issue and the concept of
sustainable development.
NYT, Porter, “Imaging a World Without Growth,” 1 Dec 2015

NYT, Porter, “Imaging a World Without Growth,” 1 Dec 2015

39. (3) In a ½-page essay, explain why growth must be considered explicitly in sustainable

My website: WSJ, “New Limits to Growth Revive Malthusian Fears,” 24 Mar 2008

40. EXTRA CREDIT (2) In a short essay, explain why this article believes that “although a
Malthusian catastrophe is not at hand, the resource constraints foreseen by the Club of Rome are
more evident today than at any time since the 1972 publication of the think tank’s famous book,
‘The Limits of Growth.’

41. g(4) In a 3/4-page essay, discuss what you see as the role of states in a pluralist world, where
many of the critical issues are transnational, and, therefore, the approach states should generally
follow in their foreign policy during the early 21st

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