project paper 44

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You will write a report explaining details about your company. Includes chart or table double spacing, 12pt Times New Roman font. Don’t forget the page number. No summary is required.

2. All formats, references and references must be in APA style.

3. You will have some visual effects, including a logo, and you must create at least one table or chart (the chart copied from the company website is fine, but can be considered as a visual effect). Please indicate in the title or footnote for each visual effect, whether it was created by the group or obtained from another source.

4. Include all of the following information (as long as the format is reasonable, you can change the order in which this information is displayed on the paper):

  • Official company name and logo description.
  • Company profile-what kind of business do they do?
  • Company mission statement, vision, etc.
  • Company background-establishment, history, etc.
  • Social and ethical responsibility-community initiatives, environmental practices, corporate social responsibility, charitable relationships, etc. (Alternatively, if you find that the company is not socially responsible, address this issue).
  • Head of organizational structure, board of directors (if applicable). If possible, include an organization chart. You don’t need to list everyone involved in the company’s leadership, just a few key roles.
  • Country of operation
  • Basic investor information – provide some general information, such as if they are public companies. If not, the company may explain why this is not done, so please provide. If so, here are some examples, including: recent prices on the market, 52-week highs and lows, year-to-date or 52-week price percentage changes, annual returns, etc.
  • Basic industry information. Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to obtain this information. Go to and search the alphabetical index to find a list that works for your company. Include any data you think is relevant-this could mean industry development, job prospects, salary, etc. This may be the information you are about to include in a small chart or table.
  • Types of occupations provided by the company-not job vacancies, but types of work performed by company employees.
  • 5. Organize your thesis in a formal introduction, text, and conclusion format. Don’t simply list the information-this is a formal thesis, so all of the above information must be in written format and have the correct spelling, grammar, and citations. Use charts where appropriate.

    6. Include a reference page in the correct APA format. Include any references you use anywhere in this article. Use as little content as needed to get a complete picture of your organization. Don’t forget to also reference the BLS data.

    7. Remember, failing to properly cite the source is stealing

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