proofreading and edit my essay more on the topic and add length of my research paper 1

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MLA essay

First, my essay is a little bit off the topic, please edit my essay in the topic, which follow Reflection/ Meditation essay require, and let the reader easily find out what is the object and what is the interpretation. I suggest you can change reading these articles become reading the books, and then have some personal experience relative to the book, and have what you learn and what your interpretation for the book.

Second, you need to do proofreading and fix some text, and check the sentence meaning, need to fix the confusing meaning sentences. You need to check cited work weather follow the punctuating titles file and MLA 8 :

Third, you need to add 400 words to reach 1500 words.

Reflection/ Meditation Essay

Reflection/ Meditation: Approximately 1500 words, MLA format (100 points)

A reflective or meditative essay might be described as the transcription of an orderly thought process or thinking in text. This genre is frequently used by professional writers and might be academic, commercial, or strictly aesthetic in nature. For this assignment, each student will

• Choose a topic (most anything is possible, but I recommend a tangible object, a person, an event, or an institution)
• Think deeply about the nature of the topic and its meaning or connection to other significant things
• Do (and show) prewriting
• Bring a hard copy of an advanced draft to class on the assigned date
• Participate in small-group peer review of the draft of each group member

• Submit a final draft for a grade (after revisions are made), along with prewriting and edited rough draft on the assigned due date.


This essay assignment, which I am calling “Reflection and Meditation” is designed to exercise the paradigm activities of much professional and commercial writing: accurate description of an object combined with an interpretation of that object’s place, function, or meaning in the larger context of our experience of life.

While the objects and scope of such writing are almost infinitely variable, the process can be succinctly described as 1) the identification of an object, institution, or phenomenon; 2) the objective description of what has been identified; and, importantly, 3) the place and significance of that thing in the greater human experience. This last process is sometimes called interpretation, and it is the metier of much academic and commercial writing.

Here are some famous examples of this kind of writing. In each case, I encourage you to write in your learning journals what specifically is being described in each piece as well as how it is being described. Next, and perhaps more importantly, you should write a good sentence or two stating as clearly as possible what the writer is saying about the meaning or significance of the object being addressed.

Reflective and Meditative style texts:

  1. Doyle, “Joyas Voladoras”: Link (Links to an external site.)
  2. Wallace, “Consider the Lobster”: Link (Links to an external site.)
  3. Ullman, “Dining with Robots”: Ullman, “Dining with Robots.pdf

Famous literary examples:

  1. Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily” A Rose for Emily – Text.pdf
  2. Melville, “Looming” (from Moby-Dick) Melville, _Moby-Dick_, “Loomings”.pdf

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