proposal about economic development 1

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you are supposed to write the proposal/outline which will make the framework for the final term paper!

the attached instructions file is for the final term paper, but you don’t have to write that now!

just choose a topic based on the instructions and write the proposal/outline in 700 words (not counting the references list)

also make a list of 7 references that will be used for the final paper, based on the topic you choose!

write a proposal:

A proposal, which may be in the form of one or more questions, is a typed outline that includes the sources that you propose to consult, and is not a summary—you haven’t yet written the paper!

What topic should you choose?

I require you to describe and evaluate the progress or failure to develop economically of a country or region over a period of time. The country or region may be any one in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. (You may not choose Britain, Ireland, or a country in continental Europe, or the U.S. or Canada, or Australia or New Zealand, but you may write about Russia or Japan.) Your writing should focus on how and why economic development proceeded—rapidly, slowly, or not at all, as the case may be. You should select a period of time, shorter or longer as you see fit. (A paper on the economic development of a colony before it became a sovereign nation is an appropriate topic, e.g., the Gold Coast under British rule before independence as Ghana in 1957.) If you are in any doubt about what would make a suitable country and/or time period for your term paper, contact me.

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