read a story and send me the answers to these questions

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Here are the questions

1.What is the theme of the short story? Was the story effective in expressing that theme? How so? If not, then how would you change it to make it so?

2.Does this Short Story follow the traditional plot structure? Explain your answer.

3.What type of conflict is present in the short story? Was it captivating? How so? If not, what would you add to make it more captivating?

4.Was there a clear character arc in the story? What was the arc? If not, then what would you add to give that character an arc?

5.Additional Question: Since all Short Stories are not created equal.

If one of the preceding questions does not address your selected Short story, then mark it as “Not Applicable” and answer the following question (this will act as a replacement for the question you could not answer, and be worth 10 points):

Is there an element of the Short Story you liked the most? Or disliked the most? Explain your Answer.

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