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1. Watch your favorite movie from your childhood years. PLEASE NOTE: this movie should be a “G”, maybe “PG” rated movie that doesn’t include overly violent scenes and it should be a movie that you would feel comfortable showing to a child in your life.

2. After you watch the movie, write a reflection, that focuses on how the content in your chosen movie discusses, addresses, navigates, etc., three different dimensions of wellness.

3. Your reflection should include a paragraph on how the dimensions of wellness were evident in your movie.

For example, one of my favorite childhood movies is The Goonies. You may remember in that movie, Mikey has a natural curiosity, interest in history, and is open to new ideas. This particular scene (“Treasure map in the attic”) indicates his capacity for intellectual health:

It is also possible that the dimension of wellness that is addressed in the movie isn’t positive, and it is okay to list and explain one of these dimensions.

4. Write a one page essay (single spaced) that includes one paragraph on each of the dimensions of wellness that you are focusing on from your movie.

  • Begin with paragraph one. Make the header of the paragraph the dimension of wellness you are focusing on (do this for all three paragraphs).
  • Then, set the scene….provide a brief description of what is happening in the specific scene you are focusing on.
  • Finally, explain how this particular scene addresses, navigates, wrestles with, the dimension of wellness you have chosen to focus on.

PLEASE NOTE: you can only use one dimension of wellness once on this assignment so each area of wellness should be different.

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