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please reply back to each of the following questions with 100-150 words each answer.


Editors becomes essential for effective quality of writing material, as well as, credibility and reliability. According to Lundberg (2002), the peer viewed process helps confirm quality of written material. Peer-reviewed also ensures effective quality in meeting written expectations, before publication of material (Lundberg, 2002). Individuals’ work who becomes rejected, needs to be reexamined to meet qualifications of published works (Lundberg, 2002). For example, professional journals ensure to integrate review process to integrate new material, with negation of plagiarism and effective grammar. Lundberg (2002), explains journals tend to be the highest form of competitive work, therefore, it becomes difficult to become published within journals. The highest honor becomes published within professional journals.

Editors also hold position of ensuring effective works become published. According to Hwang (2018), editors focus on strong impact factor, which suggests high number of other sources crediting written work. For example, journal with high impact factor entails increased number of individuals using material for citing within other works. The impact factor also increases editors’ professional connections, therefore, increasing number of other individuals using published material (Hwang, 2018). Moreover, editors become responsible in ensuring paper entails original work with effective experiments and results (Hwang, 2018). For example, examining other credited sources to negate repetition of material being published (Hwang, 2018). Peer-reviewed also suggests paper becomes acceptable for publication, as well as, protecting the reputation of the source supporting the publication (Hwang, 2018). Objectively, editors and reviewers maintain strong position with importance of publishing professional credible and reliable work.

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Lundberg, G. D. (2002). The publishing dilemma of the American psychological association. American Psychologist, 57.


Anyone can go out, perform an experiment and write a research paper on the topic but that does not mean the research can necessarily be deemed as reliable and factual. There are many different factors that go into writing scientific or medical research and what ends up being published is of great importance. If just any article was able to make it through the cracks, there would be tons of conflicting information available. This is why peer reviewed research truly is the standard in the scientific community. Having multiple other experts review the research you have done and accept it is very fulfilling and helps to advance the field even further. Additionally, it enables newer data to get more recognition, especially if it proves older data to be out-of-date. The editors of these research journals are imperative to producing quality data. Having a safety net that is able to ensure the paper does not contain obvious errors, including scientific fallacies, is crucial to the improvement of the scientific field. This is especially true in medicine, where new research is constantly being reviewed to determine if it is something that providers need to be informed of. Without the peer review and editing process, research in the community would not maintain the high level of quality and credibility that it does today.


The role of the editor/reviewer is vey important for many reasons. Reviewing is a time extensive process that requires a person with a special skill set, many times a reviewer is chosen on the experience and knowledge they have about the subject that is written about. A journal editor usually asks a reviewer to look over an article. This reviewer provides the author feedback on the paper and make a recommendation to the editor rather to accept or reject the article. Reviewers are part in the peer-review system by ensuring values of the scientific process, maintain the truthfulness of the journal by identifying unacceptable research and preventing it from being published, and helping to prevent ethical issues by identifying plagiarism and research fraud. Also, because writers are also often editors as their roles are interchangeable it is important for reviewers/writers to have courtesy and respect for one another. Editors have responsibilities toward authors some of which include providing guidelines of manuscripts, providing clear statements of journal policies, keeping authors names confidential, establishing a system for successful and fast peer review, establishing a procedure for reconsidering editorial decisions, and clearly communicating all other editorial policies and standards.


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