Response to fellow classmate – Gwen Mendez Week 1 DQ 1

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Dewey’s approach to understanding experience can be done by using Heidegger’s conception of mind and body along with relation to Heidegger’s approach to ontology. Dewey’s (1948) approach to understanding an experience was the reflex arc concept. He believed that a person would learn from his experience (Dewey, 1948). For instance, when a child burns himself on a stove both his mind and body through this experience learn not to touch the hot stove again.

Ontology is the examination of existence and Heidegger believed that he was an ontologist since he coined the term Dasein which meant a person’s existence (McConnell-Henry, Chapman, & Francis, 2009). Heidegger found the importance in both interpretation and understanding so a person could comprehend his existence (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009). Heidegger’s understanding and interpretation correlate with Dewey’s belief in being educated (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009; Dahlin, 2003).

Husserl’s concept of ontology relates to the ideas of both Dewey and Heidegger. This is because Dewey believed that philosophy was educational and that it should also be incorporated into the field of science (Dahlin, 2003). This coincided with Husserl who desired to shape the philosophy of all of the sciences to educate people on the truth even when not visible by using explanations of the experiences (Dahlin, 2003). Both Husserl and Heidegger had major phenomenology philosophies which were the examination of phenomena (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009) Husserl also concentrated on the actual meaning of one’s being (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009). Heidegger utilized the hermeneutic circle which included both questioning and reexamining to find the meaning of one’s being (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009). Husserl created the transcendental phenomenology which he studied a lived experience (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009).

Please respond to the above question with at least 150-250 words and please provide at least 1 reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www website info in reference if applicable.

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