study the notes on attachment teory and answer a couple of questions 2 3 pages

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Need help with the following assignment:

Take the Attachment Styles Test here:
Be sure to include a screenshot of the breakdown of your attachment styles (both
numbers and the pie chart).

I’ve already taken the Attachment Styles Test , screenshots attached ..

Then, answer the two prompts below:

1. Do you agree or disagree with the results for your primary attachment style? Provide
reasons why.

2. Choose one of the following additional prompts: (Pick one you feel more comfortable with. Remember I’m a 21 year old male)

• Think of specific examples in your childhood that may have shaped your attachment
style? Describe.

• Practice being mindful about your attachment style for a few days. Write about
specific moments you noticed your style directing your thoughts, actions, behavior
or emotions. What happened? Was there a triggering moment or event? How did
you handle the situation?

• If you are currently in a romantic relationship, ask your partner if they would be
willing to take the attachment assessment. Discuss your results with your partner
and write about the experience of having a conversation with them. What did you
learn about them? Did you learn anything new about your relational dynamic? How
did it feel?

• If you are currently in a romantic relationship, evaluate how your attachment style
guides the way you show up in your relationship – think about your behavior,
emotions, and internal thoughts.

Note: Attached files are as follows:

1.png , 2.png, 3.png 4.png screenshots of the test (FYI ONLY)

5.png Results of the test and chart

6.png , 7.png description of Attachment Styles

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