write a commencement speech base on my story

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This is a rough draft of my speech with grammar errors make the appropriate changes and add more details

Good evening students, faculty, staff, family members and esteemed guests. My name is Kay, and I am a proud graduating senior from the School of Information Science at the Universitiy of Maryland shady grove. I am excited to be walking across that stage. I will share my personal and educational journey here at the Universities at Shady Grove.

USG wasn’t part of my plans initially when it was time for me to transfers to a university because I knew nothing about USG and most of my friends were in college park. This is what happened. On the application since it was last minute I was rushing and instead of checking both campus shady grove and college park. I only chose USG and when I called the school to change it they were like I have to re apply so I decided to stay for a semester and then transfer later. This is were my journey at USG begun.

We are the first cohort for information science at USG. Even though I got accepted I still didn’t know what career field I want go in. I was confused on what job to apply for after my bachelors. a little back ground about me: I am the first-generation student in my family. I am one of five boys and I am the middle child. I came to the United states when I was 18 and very thing was an uphill battle for me because I have to prove to my parents that I am different and make them proud.

On day I had financial aid issues and I went to see Gloria center for student engagement and financial aid supervisor (CSEF). She was so kind and helpful so she encouraged me to apply as a work study student and work with CSEF. I decided to use that opportunity to make connections and know about USG.

After the end of the semester ended, I noticed how great and convenient USG is and how you friendly and nice my program directors are. They always put their selves in your shoes and make the necessary adjustment. However, the only thing I was missing was getting out of my comfort zone. I am a kind of person who only likes being behinds the scenes supporting others. All this changed when Andrea CSEF manager told me something that changed me to step out of my comfort zone. She said you only here for two year after two you 2 years you won’t get this experience anymore. its better to try to be engaging and it hurts not to try because you don’t know what you could have gotten out of it.

This saying motivated throughout my life at USG and I was able to join the student council. I joined student council to enhance my leadership skills, communication and know how to build a bond with my team. We also had the most down-to-earth advisor, Iris Schauerman, who helped me get a leadership award. She also helped me collaborate with the inter national night organizers to host international night which was a success and fun. Besides the support from my supervisors and program directors, I have very important friendships here at USG that I hold close to my heart. I cannot mention all my wonderful friends but it would be an injustice if I did not personally thank my friends.

Last but definitely not least, I want to take this moment to especially thank my parents who held my hands through my whole journey using their words of encourage. They encouraged using the failures of others and how I would end up like them if I don’t focus.

To conclude, I want to remind everyone that “Every journey begins with a step and through that step you have make the right because every decision you make now changes your end result”. We tend to only be proud of what we achieve; but we need to be even more proud of how we achieve it. I am thankful to have gotten the chance to be a part of such a close knit, yet very inclusive community hereat USG! For the friendships that I made, I know we will always be in each other’s lives because we started together and we will finish together!

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