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Ethics and Academic Integrity: All work must conform to the expected levels of ethics and academic megrity as confirmed in class and the student handbook. Failure to do so may result in a 0 mark. Your report should Word Count: 700 words not be unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.

Your small group tasks Working with your small team, carry out a research and produce in writing an economic topic of your choice. (E. g. lower oil prices: its impact to transport and logistics; low productivity with labour-intensive sectors such as construction, logistics, ect.; demographics which is an increasing number of young people will enter the labor market in the coming years (Financial Tribune, 2018)). Your report should be not less than 750 words, by less than the given number of words a marking penalty will be applied. In order not to be an issue in the long term, what needs to be done?

Read the following instructions to prepare your report.

Section 1. Introduction 1.1. Introduce your small group

topic of interest with questions your teams intend to answer.

1.2. Provide at least two pieces of economic conditions that influence your topic (e.g., monetary and fiscal policies, interest rate, employment, inflation rate, demographic changes, political changes, energy, security, and natural disasters, ect.)

Section 2. Research sources 2.1. Give a brief/short details of your sources of information (e.g., website, journals, books, interview, survey, questionnaires, ect.)

2.2. Explain the importance/value of each source to your topic.

Section 3. Findings, analysis information

3.1. Write at least four relevant important findings of your research.

3.2. provide your view points (analysis) of your findings.



Four relevant important findings





Section 4. Conclusion and Recommendation (s)

4.1. Draw a conclusion of your report

4.2. Recommendations: In order not to be an issue in the long term, what needs to be done?

– Recommendation 1:

-Recommendation 2:

– Recommendation 3:

Recommendation 4:

Section 5. Economic theory

5.1. State at least four relevant economic theory points that you have included to your report. State evidences of their (economic theories) relevance/use on your research (E.g., diversification and Investment Portfolio Design, supply and demand-the invisible hand, mixed system of economy – market socialism, Laissez Faire Capitalism – free/open market, Theories of Economic Geography, supply-side economics, welfare economics, ect.).

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