write an article review 4 pages

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For your paper, summarize the article and explain how a director could use the information from the article to improve the quality of the child care program.

Sample structure for paper:

  1. Introduction – overview
  2. Summary of article (1/3 of the body of your paper)

a. Skim the article (Read the headings and first sentence of each paragraph, and then go back to read parts that you want to know more about.)

b. What were some ideas in the article that were interesting you?

A child has motive for their behaviors

– Extinction burst

– Seeking attention

– Behavior can become permanent

– Process of changing behavior

3. Your analysis of how these ideas could be used in a center (2/3 of the body of your paper)

a. How could a director implement these ideas at a center?

– Discussing challenging behavior at a meeting.

– Helping children managing their behaviors.

– Set a period of time for implementation of behaviors

– Set specific time frame for specific behaviors

4. Conclusion

More information for your paper:

  • This paper is from your point of view – you are saying what ideas from an article you think a program should implement.
  • You can look at your own program, a different program, or a made-up (hypothetical) program.
  • Divide the paper into about 1/3 for summary of the article, 2/3 for analysis of the ideas.
  • Be specific in your suggestions.

Article : Managing Challenging Behavior Through Self-Regulation (provided below pdf)

No outside resource!!

double-spaced and 12-point font

Please make reference to the article, cite and quote information

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