writing analiticaly critical analysis of a cultural product

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  • “Writing Analytically” MLA format

Directions for Submission:

1. Purpose:

  1. Written and Oral Communication— write organized essays with a clear thesis; support the thesis with details, examples, reasons, and other evidence; vary sentence structure and length as appropriate; employ strategies in a manner appropriate to a given audience; conform to the grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules of edited American English with a minimum of errors.
  2. Critical Analysis and Reasoning—apply the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation for a variety of texts; employ rhetorical strategies to express complex ideas.
  3. Technological Competence— utilize learning management systems and word processing programs as appropriate to the academic environment.
  4. Information Literacy— conduct research; access and choose appropriate academic sources; evaluate sources by examining authority, currency, validity, and reliability; incorporate appropriate academic sources into essays by summarizing, quoting, and paraphrasing correctly; document sources according to the assigned formatting and style guide.
  5. Local and Global Diversity— examine a variety of complex texts from diverse perspectives and authorship; demonstrate an awareness of historical, social, and political contexts.

Write Essay Analiticaly, -Critical Analysis of a Cultural Product:

Cultural product(s) include:

  • Literature— a short story, novel, poem or play (you can write about your novel if you want to do so)
  • Music— a song, album, video or performer
  • Cinema or Television— a character in a movie or TV series
  • Advertising— a specific ad or an ad campaign—print, internet, or television.
  • Social media— a blog, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter site
  • Print media— a specific magazine
  • Fashion— a specific article of clothing or fashion within a specific era
  • Toys— a specific toy or a category of toys (Barbie, Rag Dolls, G.I. Figures, Appliances, etc.)
  • Visual Art: photography, painting, sculpture.
  • Technology—a specific gadget or company

As you analyze, consider some/any of the following questions to help you write your thesis and main points:

  • How does this cultural product contain or promote specific values?
  • How is it representative of wider social assumptions that are reproduced and circulated and/or published, including the scope and method of circulation?
  • How is this cultural product experienced or interpreted?
  • How does it contribute to and actively shape cultural ideals and expectations?
  • How does it support or revise conventional ideas, practices, or expectations?
  • How does it utilize symbolism to create meaning?
  • How does it participate in influencing the formation of personal or group identity?
  • What is its role in society?
  • What essential elements of its form (visual or textual composition, style, presentation) contribute to its meaning?
  • How does it adhere to conventions of a larger genre or category? (the “genre” may be action movies, men’s magazines, etc.)

In the process of considering these questions, you should do some research to become better informed about possible topics. After considering these guiding questions, determine which question or questions lead you to develop an insightful and supported interpretation of the significance of a cultural product. Identify the elements of the cultural product that best support your central interpretation and write a coherent essay presenting and defending that interpretation. You will make an argument in this essay.

2. Genre:

  • Critical analysis of a cultural product (analysis + argument)
  • Structure your essay as an expansion of the five-paragraph theme

3. Audience:

  • Your target audience is composed of your classmates and any other student

4. Stance:

  • Your stance can be serious, funny, skeptical, etc., but it must be written correctly in Standard American Written English. If you are not sure, please ask!

5. Medium and Design:

  • Multimedia material: minimum of two (“C” grade standard) graphics and/ or sound, image, and/ or video inserts and/ or links are required.

6. Context:

  • You will need to use research: at least three academically appropriate secondary sources in addition to primary source/s (your cultural product or text) t Both print and/or electronic sources are fine to use.
  • Your essay will include:
    • In-text citations, integrated and cited direct quotations from every source, min. of two visual, audio, and/ or multimedia elements and/ or links, and a Works Cited page.
    • These quotations/paraphrases must come from the cultural product(s) you analyze and your three research sources.
  • Your essay must be at least 5 full pages. This page count does not include the Works Cited page, or the room taken up from the inclusion of multimedia elements and/ or links.
  • You must follow MLA Style 8 format as perfectly as possible, from paper formatting to in-text citations (“parenthetical documentation”) to the proper configuration of the Works Cited page.

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